Purcell, Handel, Haydn, and Mendelssohn: Anniversary Reflections
New College, Oxford
27-29 March 2009
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Saturday 28 March
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[Holywell Music Room]

  Session 8: Haydn
Chair: Susan Wollenberg

8.45 Chiara Bertoglio (University of Birmingham): Hidden verses in Haydn's 'Seven last words' and in Mozart's concertos

9.15 Wolfgang Fuhrmann
(Humboldt University, Berlin):

Haydn the Naïve

10.45 Jen-yen Chen (National Taiwan University):
The social dimensions of Haydn's late oratorios: aristocratic patronage, bourgeois reception, and the sociological theory of Norbert Ellis
[Lecture Room 6]        

8.45  Session 9: Purcell
Chair: Rebecca Herissone

8.45 Martin Adams (Trinity College, Dublin):
'That what took least, was really best'; tension between the private and public aspects of Purcell's compositional thought

9.15 Alan Howard (University of Manchester): Attitudes towards formal counterpoint in Purcell and Mendelssohn

10.45 Vanessa Rogers (Wabash College, Indiana)
'Britons Strike Home': Ballad Opera and the Eighteenth-Century Purcell Revival, 1728-1760
10.30 - Coffee, Junior Common Room, New College
[Holywell Music Room]

11.00 Session 10: Andrew Pinnock and Will Lingard (University of Southampton):
Chair: Michael Burden

Seeking the bubble: the economic basis of musical reputation, and the role of the anniversary as value inflator
12.05 - Pre-lunch reception, followed by view of
Hallelujah! The British Choral Tradition
at The Bodleian Library
1.00 - Lunch, Hall, New College
[Holywell Music Room]        

2.00 Session 11: Staging and picture making
Chair: Thomas Schmidt-Beste

Caryl Clark (University of Toronto): Haydn's others; staging ethnicities

Pieter van der Merwe
(National Maritime Museum):

Macready's Acis and Galatea revisited

Monika Hennemann (University of Birmingham): Oratorio and drama; operatic staging of oratorios in the romantic era
[Lecture Room 6]                        

Session 12: Publishing and sources
Chair: Alan Howard

2.00 Rebecca Herissone (University of Manchester)
: Purcell as self-publisher; or why Dioclesian 'found so small encouragement in print'

2.30 Alon Schab (Trinity College, Dublin): Revisiting the known and unknown misprints in Dioclesian

3.00 Joseph Darby (Keene State College):
Subscription proposals and the early marketing of
Handel's Twelve Grand Concertos
3.30 - Tea, Junior Common Room, New College
[Holywell Music Room]

Session 13: Handel and Haydn
Chair: Michael Burden

4.00 Patricia Debly (Brock University): From Handel to Haydn:  Magic, madness, and love in Orlando

4.30 Matthew Badham (University of York):
Handel, Haydn and the pictorial imagination: a comparison of
L'allegro, il peneroso ed il moderato and Die Jahreszeiten
[Lecture Room 6]

Session 14: Life after Purcell
Chair: Andrew Pinnock

Thomas Irvine (University of Southampton): Fairy Queen to 'replace' Mendelssohn's incidental music to the Midsummer Night's Dream in the 1930s

4.30 Amanda Eubanks Winkler (University of Syracuse): 'In Harmony, Celestial Harmony, All Magick Charms are found': Musical Politics in The British Enchanters
[Holywell Music Room]

5.30 Session 15: Roundtable on recorded history
Recordings of Purcell, Handel, Haydn and Mendelssohn: a survey of the past, an assessment of the present, and speculation about the future

Chair: Christopher Hogwood

Participants: David Vickers
(organiser), Roger Savage, Kenneth Hamilton, Richard Wigmore
7.30 - Reception, Founder's Library, New College
8.00 - Conference Dinner, Hall, New College