Purcell, Handel, Haydn, and Mendelssohn: Anniversary Reflections
New College, Oxford
27-29 March 2009
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Friday 27
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Sunday 29 March
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[Lecture Room 6]

Session 16: Handel and Mendelssohn
Chair: Roger Savage        

9.00 Donald Burrows (The Open University, Milton Keynes): Chasing the Royal Music Library - a lot of Handel and a little Mendelssohn

9.30 Peter Ward-Jones (Bodleian Library, Oxford): Forty Years of Mendelssohn Research - a Librarian's Reflections

10.00 Thomas Schmidt-Beste (University of Bangor):
'I think you will say they are better done than the German' - On the English version of Mendelssohn's Antigone
[Lecture Room 4]

Session 17: Haydn
Chair: Caryl Clark

9.00 Paulo M Kühl (State University of Campinas): Haydn in the musical debate in early 19th-century Rio de Janeiro

9.30 Paul F Moulton (The College of Idaho): Tourists in the drawing room and the concert hall; Haydn's and Mendelssohn's musical representations of Scotland

10.00 Susan Wollenberg (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University): 'Haydn in England - and Oxford'
10.30 - Coffee, Junior Common Room, New College
[Ante-Chapel, New College]

Session 18: Lecture recital

11.00 Mekala Padmanabhan (Independent scholar):
Haydn in England: Influences on British Domestic Music c.1800

11.20 Rebecca Mauer (Independent scholar):

Fortepiano recital

Three Canzonettas of Dr. Haydn's Arranged for the Piano Forte (1796)
Thomas Haigh (1769-1808)

From Drei Sonaten für Prinzessin Marie Esterházy (1784)
Sonata in G Hob. XVI: 40 Allegretto e innocente
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

From Second Sett of Three Sonatas for Pianoforte
Composed and Humbly dedicated to Dr. Haydn
        Sonata in G Major: Adagio-Allegro;
Aria, Con Variazione
Thomas Haigh
[Ante-Chapel, New College]

Session 19: Keynote paper
Chair: Donald Burrows

12.30 David Hunter (University of Texas at Austin):
Taking anniversaries as read: celebration and the biographical imperative
1.30 - Lunch (Hall, New College)
End of Conference